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'Golf Challenge' for world record in Lomanthang

'Golf Challenge' for world record in Lomanthang

Kaski, A 'Golf Challenge' is going to be held with the aim of maintaining a world record at the 'Mustang Golf Course' located in Lowthang of Lomanthang rural municipality in upper Mustang.

According to information shared at a press conference held in Pokhara today, the second edition of the golf tournament is going to be held September 16 at the golf course located at a height of 4,645 meters (15,239.5 feet) above sea level.

Former member of Gandaki Provincial Assembly and coordinator of Provincial Golf Association Indradhara Bista shared that Association is hosting the tournament in collaboration with Lomanthang Rural Municipality.

A total of 40 golf players from Pokhara, Kathmandu, Dharan, Butwal and other cities will compete in the tournament.

The Mustang Golf Course is the golf course located in the highest altitude in the world. However, it is yet to be recorded in the 'Guinness Books of World Records'. The Yak Golf Course in Sikkim, India at an altitude of 3,970 meters is recognized as the highest so far.

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