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A friendly soccer match begins in Manang's high-altitude regions

A friendly soccer match begins in Manang's high-altitude regions

Manang, In the high-altitude sections of the Manang district, a friendly football tournament started on Monday. The district's Chame Rural Municipality-1 hosted the competition.

After experiencing numerous issues as a result of the effects of climate change, the community organized the three-day competition with the aim of raising public awareness through sports, according to Binod Gurung, owner of Namaste Tours and chairperson of the Tourism Entrepreneurs Association in Manang.

The competition also aims to conserve yak and snow leopards at a height of 2,900 meters above sea level, as the snow leopard's habitat is in danger of going extinct owing to the effects of climate change, according to Gurung.

According to Paras Bikram Singh, director of the Biodiversity Conservation Society Nepal, the competition is anticipated to raise public awareness about the need to conserve wildlife, particularly the snow leopard, by minimizing human-animal conflict.

The friendly competition was jointly organized by the Ant Foundation, Wild Free, and Biocos Nepal. At the Timang, Pisang, and Mungji playgrounds, football is being played by players like Hari Khadka, Anil Gurung, Niru Thapa, Asmita Ranpal, Sita Tamang, and Upendra Man Singh, according to Gurung.

Srichchha Pradhan, Miss Nepal World 2023, participated in the competition by playing football.

Prashant Tamrakar, the director of the Ant Foundation and a choreographer, said the event was planned to raise awareness through friendly games for the preservation of endangered creatures from the mountainous region.

The friendly football game is expected to feature artists, athletes, and locals. On Monday's first day, teams representing the Kajinsara Yak and Himalayan Snow Leopard competed against one another. Kajinsara Yak only managed three goals, compared to four for the Himalayan Snow Leopard side.


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