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Boxer Punam from Nepal wins bronze in Thailand Open

Boxer Punam from Nepal wins bronze in Thailand Open

Kathmandu, Nepal has won a bronze medal in the international boxing tournament held in Phuket of Thailand.

Punam Rawal was defeated to her competitor from the Philippines by 2-3 to sign off with the bronze towards the 60-kg women's category in the Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament 2022.

Rawal has been with the Nepali Army for the past eight years.

The Philippine player also beat her competitor from India in the final and clinched the gold.

This is the first international award in boxing for Nepal since 2010.

Chandrakala Thapa, Minu Gurung, Sushma Thapa and Bhupendra Thapa Magar had represented the country in the tournament along with Rawal. They fought for the title under different weight categories, according to Nepali team coach Prakash Thapa Magar.

Nepal's Dhan Kumar Mainali was one of the referees in the tournament.

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