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Chuke football club wins finals under USD 15,000 prize match in US

Chuke football club wins finals under USD 15,000 prize match in US

Kathmandu, The Chuke football club of the Nepali speaking community in the US won the championship title with highest prize money pool of USD 15,000 in the United States of America.

Organised by the Intra-National Welfare and Support Foundation of America, only Nepali speaking teams participated in the match that started from last Friday.

Similarly in women's category, Columbus Star football team won, and in veteran's, Cinci Intra football club. The match concluded on Sunday (US time).

Chuke football club of Cincinnati beat FC United of Pennsylvania State 1-0. For the team, Rosandro with jersey no 7 scored a goal against FC United in the first half, which later became a winning one.

He scored the goal from a corner kick. The match took place at Miami Whitewater Soccer Complex in Cincinnati. Winner Chuke football club got USD 15,000 and first runner-up FC United USD 8,000, said the tournament coordinator Rajan Chauhan.

Foundation Chair Dilli Adhikari distributed trophies and cash prizes to the winners.

The tournament aims to encourage the children of Nepali-spoken Bhutanese and the Nepalese community residing in the United States of America to follow a disciplined lifestyle and to cultivate their talents.

Likewise, the winning Columbus Star towards women's category won the cash prize of 7,500 US dollar and the first runner up North Dakota Shining Star Football Club was awarded 5,000 US dollar. The Columbus Star played 1-0 against the North Dakota.

Similarly, the veteran winner Cinci Intra Veterans Columbus the cash prize of 8,000 US dollar while the first runner Intra-Veterans Club and the second runner-up Hill City Veterans Club went home with 2,500 US dollar.

Nepali-origin footballers from various states including Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Ohio, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Kentucky, New York, California, North Dakota, and Georgia and from Canada participated in the match, according to organisation's spokesperson Keshab Acharya.

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