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Committee formed to study about Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium project

Committee formed to study about Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium project

Chitwan, The government has formed a technical committee to undertake remaining works under the Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium Construction Project based in Bharatpur of Chitwan. A meeting of the Council of Ministers on July 25 decided to form the committee under the leadership of a joint-secretary at the Ministry of Urban Development.

The six-member committee is headed by joint secretary Prakrina Tuladhar, according to Secretary at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Dr Damodar Regmi. The committee is mandated to submit a report within the next 21 days of its formation. The involvement of the National Vigilance Center will also be sought as per the necessity. The decision to form the technical committee follows the tabling of a proposal in the Cabinet to own the Project by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The factors prompting the commencement of the project, structures, drawings, design and cost estimate are the criteria of the study of the team which will assess whether the Project is capable to meet the international standards.

Bharatpur metropolis mayor Renu Dahal applauded the Cabinet's decision to resume the project construction. "The decision is welcoming and we hope to see the resumption of construction works soon." Though the Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation was taking a lead to construct the project, later it had decided to move back citing COVID-19 pandemic and budgetary issues. It had urged the Bharatpur metropolis to take the project ownership and the local government requested the Federal government to own the project.

The estimated cost of the project is Rs 3 billion.

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