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For the ACC Premier Cup, CAN chooses the players

For the ACC Premier Cup, CAN chooses the players

Kathmandu, The U-19 Premier Cup cricket players have been revealed by the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN).

Cricket's ACC U-19 Premier Cup is being played in Malaysia from October 12–24.

The 24-person squad has been revealed by the CAN.

The members of the Nepali team are Akash Tripathi, Arjun Kumal, Dipak Bohara 'A', Dipak Bohara, Uttam Thapa Magar, Dipak Dumre, Dipak Kandel, Hemanta Dhami, Durgesh Gupta, Akash Chand, Dev, Khanal, and Subash Bhandari.

For the close-session training, the CAN has also sent invitations to Bishal KC, Milan Bohara, Prajwal Thapa, Tul Bahadur Thapa, Nirmal Gurung, Rajesh Yadav, Bipin Rawal, Yunish Singh Thakuri, Ashok Poudel, Avishek Tiwari, Naren Bhatta, and Niraj Yadav.

Nepal is in Group 'A' for the competition, along with Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.
China, Singapore, Kuwait, Thailand, and the Maldives are in Group C, while the UAE, Oman, Qatar, and China are in Group B.


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