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Kalika Cup volleyball tournament starting on April 12

Kalika Cup volleyball tournament starting on April 12

Kathmandu, The volleyball competition known as the Kalika Cup will be hosted by the Kalika Bhagwati Guthi Management Committee beginning on April 12.

Taking place in tandem with the Chaite Dashain Mela, the volleyball competition is being organised under the theme 'Destination Baglung Kalika: Promotion of Art and Culture—Promotion of Local Production, Trade, and Tourism'.

It is anticipated that national volleyball players will compete in the event, with a prize pool of Rs. 300,000. The winning teams will receive a prize of Rs 100,000 for the third team and Rs 150,000 for the second. A cash prize of Rs. 5,000 will be given to the top player.

According to the promoters, there will also be a folk song competition and a secondary school-level group dance competition during the fair, which runs until April 18.

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