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Sports events held to promote tourism in Khaptad

Sports events held to promote tourism in Khaptad

Dipayal, Sports events have been held on the occasion of Ganga Dashahara for promoting tourism in Khaptad and Sudurpaschim.

Marathon, volleyball and Deuda singing completion were held for tourism promotion, according to Khemraj Bhandari, vice-chair of the Doti chamber of commerce and industry.

Volleyball and Deuda competition were held in Khaptad while the 32-km long marathon started from Khaptad and ended at Shaileshwari temple, and it was held on June 11.

Sushil Kumar Shahi, Nepali Army personnel, stood first in the marathon- Sundra Sudurpaschim, Khaptad Shaileshwari Marathon 2079- finishing the distance in 2 hours 18 minutes and 31 seconds and bagged a prize of a hundred thousand rupees.

Of the 40 competitors, Naresh Singh Bohara came out to be the second while Ram Singh Pal stood the third.

Five of the competitors were awarded the consolation prize while 32 runners who completed the distance were given encouragement awards.

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