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The Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium will soon resume construction

The Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium will soon resume construction

Narayangadh, The Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium's development, which was put on hold for a number of reasons, will shortly get going again.

The Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation, led by comedians Sitaram Kattel and Kunjana Ghimire, withdrew from the stadium's construction due to a shortage of funding, which caused development to halt.

According to Mayor Renu Dahal, Bharatpue Metropolitan City will complete the project's outstanding tasks.

At a program held today to mark the cleanup and planting of tree saplings along the Narayani River, Mayor Dahal vowed to finish the project no matter the cost, taking into account the concerns and worries of the community.

"The people have warned us numerous times. People are worried and concerned about it," she remarked.

On social media, the residents are also asking questions about the situation. The Gautam Buddha International Stadium will be built in our time, and I want to guarantee you that through this event, expressed Mayor Dahal.

She stated that a sizable debt must be paid in order to finish building the stadium, and since there is no agreement that the government will pay the loan, it has been challenging to move the construction process along.

She promised that the budget would be provided again shortly, despite the fact that the government had released Rs 120 million at the end of the previous fiscal year, 2022–23.

The mayor of Bharatpur Metropolitan City promised to move building projects forward in stages because they demand millions of rupees and the city cannot manage the budget all at once.

Mayor Dahal announced that the city would shortly progress the construction in collaboration with the Bagmati province government after going through several legal procedures to complete the project.


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