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The Nepal Volleyball Association and Kelme have reached a new three-year deal

The Nepal Volleyball Association and Kelme have reached a new three-year deal

Kathmandu, A new agreement has been signed between the Nepal Volleyball Association (NVA) and Kelme, an international sports equipment manufacturer. During a programme in Kathmandu on Thursday, the Nepal Volleyball Association signed a new contract with Kelme.

Nepal Volleyball Association President Jitendra Bahadur Chand and Kelme Country Director Pradeep Neupane signed the new contract.

According to President Chand, the volleyball association signed a new contract with Kelme for three years. According to the agreement, Kelme will provide various sports materials, including jerseys, to the national women's and men's volleyball teams of Nepal and four junior teams.

It is said that Kelme will provide sports equipment worth about 1 crore rupees to the volleyball association in three years. Chand thanked Kelme, saying that with the new contract, the union has now got a break from the headaches and hassles that they had to deal with in the management of game materials, including jerseys for the national players.

Pradeep Neupane, Country Director of Kelme, said that he was happy to formally collaborate with the Volleyball Association. Similarly, he expressed his belief that this relationship between Kelme and the Nepal Volleyball Association will continue for the next 10–20 years and that it will make volleyball more professional.

Chairman Chand said that Kelme will provide 100 nets and 400 balls to the association after the agreement. Chand informed us that the game material will be provided to the clubs, states, and districts that are contributing significantly to the development of volleyball in Nepal.

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